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Your Ultimate Sporting Adventure

As one of the largest Sporting Agencies in the United Kingdom our extensive knowledge of sporting estates ensures that we are able to provide exceptional sporting trips both within the U.K. and Worldwide. From driven Grouse in Scotland, traditional Partridge in the home counties, high Pheasants in North Yorkshire, doves in Argentina, walked-up Ptarmigan in Iceland to driven wild boar in Turkey; E.J. Churchill is able to tailor an individual game shooting package to suit you.

In-Field Instruction

It is almost impossible to prepare a shooter for the excitement of a covey of speeding Grouse swarming towards you, a star burst of Partridge or a flush of Pheasants erupting from a distant game cover. Practice is what improves us all, but having someone there to ask ‘where did I go wrong?’ at the right time is a huge advantage and one that really makes a difference. Understanding where the birds will flush from and fly to, how they are going to curl and drop in the wind are key skills to being able to improve your In-Field skills.

As a result of this, many game shooters never reach their full potential in the field, which is why we are offering you the opportunity to take one of our instructors into the field for a day/s of expert tuition.

Carefully Chosen Estates

We hand-pick our shooting portfolio and visit each destination to ensure that quality is never compromised on our trips. From driven grouse in the Scottish Borders to wild boar in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, we proudly have access to some of the finest estates in world. 

West Wycombe Estate




Pheasant & Partridge


Novice - Experienced

West Wycombe Estate is consistently referred to as one of the finest shoots in the Country. Today the shoot still ranks amongst the best, and is regularly in the Field’s list of Top Shoots. Much of the woodland was originally laid out for shooting and it is a classic traditional English driven game shoot. The landscape is undulating and has some really good steep hills, and the combination of this with hanging beech woods and judicious use of game covers means guns can enjoy some very high, sporting birds. The whole Estate extends to some 5,000 acres and the shoot is managed by Sir Edward Dashwood, an extremely keen shot himself. The Estate aims to shoot days in the region of 250 – 500 birds with a team of between seven and nine guns. Double guns can be used at the clients’ discretion.


Game Practice

We have three high towers and more than 120 different stands including The Pit where you can now shoot challenging targets over 150ft. Coupled with our world class team of instructors, we can provide you with some exceptional driven shooting practice opportunities to ensure you are well prepared before you go infield.

We get incredibly positive feedback from our clients every season who say that this is the best thing they could have done before going game shooting. They arrive fully prepared feeling safer, more confident, relaxed and when they get on their first peg they say they shoot straighter and enjoy it all the more.


International Sporting

Through decades of hunting experience across the globe, we are very privileged to be able to offer you the very best shooting it has to offer. E.J. Churchill works very closely with our professional partners around the world to tailor each experience to suit your exact requirements resulting in an unforgettable adventure.


Whether you’re staying in a private chateau for driven boar, a luxury Spanish lodge for partridge, South America’s finest sporting cabins or a remote camp in the African bush, with the highest quality service and best locations, we endeavour to provide a World class sporting experience that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

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