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FITASC The 41st World Sporting Championship 2019

Thank you so much for joining us at the 41st World Sporting Championship!
We hope you enjoyed your time with us and hope to see you back at our shooting ground very soon!

This page is full of information about all things FITASC World Sporting Championship related, so make sure you have a read through!

Live scores here

Event Village Opening Times

Monday & Tuesday: 7.30am – 6.00pm
Wednesday – Saturday: 7.30am – 8.00pm
Sunday: Closed

Practice stands available from: Monday 8th – Saturday 13th July

No need to book in advance, you can purchase tickets on the day. Experienced shots only and you must bring your valid shotgun license. 

E.J. Churchill 100 Bird FITASC Sporting open competition from: Friday 5th & Saturday 6th July – See scores below!

100 targets over 12 stands, shoot 6 stands, break then shoot the remaining 6 stands. Squads at 9.00am and 1.30pm

The scores from the open competition are now available, there is prize money for those who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. To claim your prize money please contact reception: reception@ejchurchill.com | 01494 883227

Friday 5th & Saturday 6th July: Scores

The Championship will take place from: Wednesday 10th – Saturday 13th July
Entries are now closed!

Click here to view the full competition programme

Click here to view the FITASC schedule

For further information, please contact reception: reception@ejchurchill.com | 01494 883227

We will be stocking the following cartridges throughout the event, which you can purchase on the day. They will be available in quantities of 25, 250, 1000.

Cartridges 252501000
Darkstorm 28g 6.5 / 7.5£8.50£76.00£276.00
Black Gold 28g 7.5 / 8£8.00£75.00£272.00
White Gold 28g 7.5£7.50£67.00£245.00
Sovereign Parcour 28g 6.5 / 7.5£8.50£77.00£283.00
Sovereign28g 7.5 / 8£8.00£74.00£270.00
Pro one 28g 7.5£7.50£64.00£252.00
Pro Piston 28g 9£7.50£70.00£257.00
4HV 28g 7 / 7.5 / 8.5£8.50£75.00£273.00
F3 28g 7.5£7.00£64.00£234.00
F3 28g 8.5£7.00£64.00£234.00
Gold 1250fps 28g 7.5£8.00£72.00£264.00
Gold 1300fps 7.5£8.00£72.00£264.00
Gold 1350fps 7.5 / 8£8.00£72.00£264.00
Paper 28g 7 1/4£8.00£78.00£284.00
Star 28g 7.5£8.00£72.00£264.00
Star Bior wad 28g 8.5£8.00£74.00£270.00
Mach 3 28g 7.5£8.00£71.00£261.00
Mach 3 Power 28g£8.50£76.00£276.00
Mach 3 HV 28g 7 1/4£8.00£71.00£261.00
Mach 3 FSH 28g 8.5£8.00£71.00£261.00
Smart Strike£6.50£61.00£221.00
Trap ORO£7.50£69.00£250.00

For further information about cartridges, please email cartridges@ejchurchill.com

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