Bucks - 01494 883227 Swinton - 01765 357997
Bucks - 01494 883227 Swinton - 01765 357997

The Winser Tower Challenge

Are you a match for the Winser Tower Challenge?

Introducing the Winser Tower Challenge! A 25-target competition taking place throughout the whole of December, January and February, exclusively at @ejchurchillswintonestate. Set by our very own brand ambassador, World Champion Mark Winser, and utilising our brand new tower, these targets will really test your high-driven game.

Entry is just £15 and you’ll be in with a chance of winning the grand prize of £500! The Winser Tower Challenge was designed with fun in mind, so whether or not you think you’re in with a shot, why not give it a go?

Book now on 01765 357997 or email [email protected]


1Paul Wheatley24
2Dave Wooley23
3Mark Winser21
3Jack Britnell21
3James Thackery21
6Richard King20
6Michael Booth20
6Nigel Smith 20
6Max Smith20
10Tony Wiseman19
10Lee Jackson19
10Michael Booth19
10Nigel Hall19
10Anthony Clark19
10Josh Hammond19
16John Hutchinson18
16Ashley Watson18
18Andrew Morrow17
18Becky King17
18Darren Harris17
18Dave Sugden17
18Mark Nicholson17
18Andy Britton17
18Harry Criss17
18Matthew Durragh17
26Chris Smith16
26Tom Brown16
26Ross Holmes16
26Matt Ford16
26James Mather16
26Scott Greenwood16
26Michael Newby16
33Paul Ibbotson15
33Matthew Lathem15
33A Brewis Gair15
33Jamie Holden15
33Paul Markley15
33Neil Bivens15
33Ray Morrell15
40Matt Richmond14
40Will Makepeace14
40Nigel Smith 14
40Thomas Coates14
44Chris Smith13
44Callum Unstead13
44Paul Markley13
44Richard Dennison13
44Marcus Pearson13
44Ashley Watson13
44Dean Linley13
51Chris Smith12
51Steve Conway12
51Steven Csehi12
54Ben Goodard11
54Wayne Green11
54Joseph Watson11
54Pat Dickman11
54James King11
54Lily May Horn11
60Miles Lambert10
60Les Meynell10
60Spencer Seaife10
60Andy Gott10
60Phil Stevenson10
60Chris Smith10
60Luke Hobson10
60Adam Suthill10
68Mark Hulbert9
69Pat Bird8
69Matthew Arnett8
69Geoff Smith8
69Steven Brown8
73Rob Hart7
73Guy Scothern7
75Alfie Douglas6
76Jacob Platts5
76Carl Jameson5
76Michael Sayers5
76Paul Rodger5
80Kevin Crossley1
81Jason Holdon0