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Our partners with whom we have an exclusive arrangement, the Ekenier brothers, are very good friends of ours and operate wild hunting in Turkey. They control some very large concessions in Turkey’s wonderful countryside, from Bodrum and Adana in the south to Erzurum and around the Black Sea in the north, and have consistently produced magnificent trophy wild boar and bezoar ibex for their clients.



There is little demand for wild boar meat in Turkey as it is a Muslim country and as a result they grow older and larger, and are more abundant in that part of the world than almost anywhere else. This lack of hunting pressure, and the sheer scale of the country and its rich vegetation means that trophy keilers of well over two hundred kilos with huge tusks, are regularly found and are amongst the largest and most exciting to be hunted anywhere in Europe.

Trophy male wild boar can be stalked on foot during moon fall periods at any time between March and September, when large males can be found feeding alone. This can be a very pleasant trip with days spent relaxing on the coast or in a mountain lodge, with hunting taking place at night. Parties of two to four guns are ideal. It is incredibly exciting as extreme silence is required to get within shot, usually at a range of around 100m. Shot placement is critical as you only get one chance in the dark and these are huge animals with extremely thick skins and fat covering and the surrounding bush is usually impenetrable. Sometimes you can get very, very close quite unexpectedly…

One can also choose to shoot driven boar. This takes place between October and February and is during the day time, with groups usually being six to eight guns. Often the animals are running, and long range shots up to two hundred metres are not uncommon. Beaters with dogs push the boar towards the guns and one knows when a boar is approaching because the barking of the dogs gets closer and closer. Depending on the region, foxes, wolves and bears can often be seen during the hunt. It is a more hectic and intense form of shooting, but again is extremely exciting. Shooting a boar running flat out is quite incredible!




The Anatolian Bezoar Ibex has the largest horns in relation to its body size of any animal and is widely considered to be the most beautiful Ibex trophy resulting in it being one of the most highly sought after trophies in the world. The Ekenier brothers are is closely involved in the conservation and management of the population and controls some of the best regions to hunt these elusive animals. Their success rate is nigh on a hundred percent with several in the world’s top ten of trophies.

The Ibex season runs from October to March, but the best time to go is between 15th November and 15th January which is during the rut. The chances of seeing a very big male are increased during the rut as the male ibex fight each other for mating rights, which is also a very special thing to see.

The Ibex spends its time at very high altitudes, is very agile and is able to climb rock faces and cliffs that one would think impossible. The hunt is therefore reasonably challenging and will usually take several days, although specialist climbing skills are not required. Some of the country is simply breathtaking. Spotting a trophy Ibex is one thing, getting to it is another as it can take a long time to travel what seems like a short distance. For the high mountain game enthusiast the Bezoar Ibex is the pinnacle.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about shooting in Turkey, please contact our Sporting Agency on 01494 883227 or email sporting@ejchurchill.com.