Bucks - 01494 883227 Swinton - 01765 357997
Bucks - 01494 883227 Swinton - 01765 357997

Infield Shooting Tuition

It is almost impossible to prepare a shooter for the excitement of a covey of Partridge swarming towards you or a flush of Pheasants erupting from a distant game cover. Practice is what improves us all, but having someone there to ask ‘where did I go wrong?’ at the right time is a huge advantage and one that really makes a difference.

There are many factors, which need to be taken into consideration whilst shooting game, apart from the obvious safety factors, there is selection of correct bird, speeds and height of bird, technique, mount, attitude and the added pressure of other people watching. The list becomes endless and everyone has a different problem to overcome.

As a result of this, many game shooters never reach their full potential in the field, which is why we are offering the opportunity for you to take our instructors into the field for expert tuition.

Having a dedicated instructor provides peace of mind and feedback from our clients suggests that their proficiency advanced far faster with In-field instruction.

To discuss your tuition requirements please contact our team who will be able to match you up with one of our instructors.

In-field Instruction prices

Members £295.00 / Non-Members £395.00

For more details on shooting tuition or to register your interest please contact our Sporting Agency on 01494 883227 or email [email protected]