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Full Teams

Our knowledge and expertise combined with our passion in the field ensures that we can provide you with exceptional sporting experiences at some of the UK’s finest country estates. With a package tailored to suit your teams needs, we can take care of every detail from arranging your travel and servicing your guns to instruction in the field.

For all enquiries please contact our Sporting Department on 01494 883227 or email sporting@ejchurchill.com


Full Team Availability 2020/21 

DateEstateBagPrice per day + VAT
Thursday 13th AugustCounty Durham200£33,750 + VAT
Thursday 20th August & Friday 21st AugustNorth Yorkshire120 per day£21,000 + VAT
Thursday 3rd SeptemberNorth Yorkshire120£21,000 + VAT
Thursday 10th SeptemberNorth Yorkshire120£19,800 + VAT
Monday 21st SeptemberNorth Yorkshire100£17,500 + VAT
Tuesday 22nd & Wednesday 23rd SeptemberLammermuirs125 per day£21,875 + VAT
Friday 25th SeptemberBerwickshire100 £26,500 + VAT (includes two nights accommodation in a Scottish Castle)
Monday 14th SeptemberWest Sussex300£15,600 (No VAT)
Saturday 10th OctoberGloucestershire400£18,800 + VAT
Wednesday 14th OctoberGloucestershire350£16,450 + VAT
Friday 23rd OctoberHertfordshire350£15,400 + VAT
Monday 26th OctoberWest Sussex300£15,600 (No VAT)
Thursday 29th OctoberWest Sussex300£15,600 (No VAT)
Tuesday 3rd NovemberSomerset300£14,400 (No VAT)
Thursday 5th NovemberWest Sussex300£15,600 (No VAT)
Wednesday 11th NovemberGloucestershire400£18,000 + VAT
Saturday 14th NovemberHertfordshire400£17,600 + VAT
Monday 16th NovemberSomerset300£14,400 (No VAT)
Wednesday 30th DecemberHertfordshire350£15,400 + VAT
Thursday 31st DecemberHertfordshire350£15,400 + VAT
Saturday 2nd January Gloucestershire300£14,100 + VAT
Monday 25th JanuaryWest Sussex300£15,600 (No VAT)