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New Generation II Hellfire Game Cartridge

E.J. Churchill and Gamebore Announce the New Generation II Hellfire Game Cartridge

E.J. Churchill, the award-winning shooting ground, gun makers, sporting agency and country outfitters, is excited to introduce the New Generation II Hellfire Game cartridge, first launched 20 years ago and now refined and improved in partnership with Gamebore, the world leader in producing exceptional British-made shotgun ammunition.

Originally developed by E.J. Churchill’s Chairman Sir Edward Dashwood, the New Generation II Hellfire Game is loaded with copper-coated shot which gives a harder outer surface. This helps reduce friction as the shot travels down the barrels giving consistent patterns and clean, effective kills. Loaded with Gamebore’s exclusive powders, it delivers exceptional speed down range, right at the point where it matters most.

Tested in the field last season by several world-class shooters, these cartridges, designed to suit any quarry, achieved outstanding results and unrivalled performance. The New Generation II Hellfire Game load is undoubtedly one of the finest, most technically advanced loads available on the market today.

Speaking on the re-launch of the legendary Hellfire Game loads, E.J. Churchill’s Managing Director, Rob Fenwick, says: “We are delighted to be working with Gamebore as our official cartridge supplier to develop the finest game loads for our clients. We are very excited about the New Generation Hellfire II Game cartridge, tested in the field last season with outstanding results and this announcement underlines the continuation of our commitment to drive innovation and achieve superior performance in the field. There really isn’t anything else like it.”

Available to purchase now at E.J. Churchill Shooting Ground. Orders can also be emailed through to cartridges@ejchurchill.com.

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