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Left Eye Dominance

Flurry day thanks from a gun who attended one of E.J.Churchill’s flurry days in May 2013. He was struggling with left eye dominance and sought help from instructor Mike Self.

I had the pleasure in May to go to a Flurry Shooting Event at West Wycombe, home to the Dashwood family.  Each gun had a shooting instructor at the various stands and I was lucky enough to have Mike Self as my instructor.  I have always suffered from left eye dominance and have to close the left eye to ensure that the gun comes up on the right eye.  However I am sure that sometimes I don’t do it and as a result my shooting is not consistent.  Very quickly Mike saw my problem and suggested putting a small strip of opaque sellotape on my glasses in front of top of the left eye so that it wouldn’t take over.  It was very effective and meant that I didn’t have to think about closing my left eye.  It also meant that I had better all round peripheral vision.  Mike was the first instructor in my 49 years of shooting to suggest this idea and it has helped enormously.  I had two further lessons with him.  He operates at E.J.Churchill Shooting Ground part of the West Wycombe Estate.  We experimented with what was the best thing to put on the glasses and found that apart from sellotape the Red Kite County Store Master Dots did the job.

I would like to thank Mike and suggest that those that suffer from left eye dominance pay him a visit.  The alternative is having a cast of stock but as Mike says the recoil is very unpleasant.

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Flurry Day at West Wycombe Park

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