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Bucks - 01494 883227 Swinton - 01765 357997

Good Nature Traps

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The Goodnature vision is a natural environment in which native species survive, thrive and flourish, free from the threat and destruction of introduced pests. Goodnature is constantly working to develop products that make it easy for everyone to create sanctuaries in their backyard, however big. We are committed to providing pragmatic solutions to one of our most serious environmental problems – biodiversity decline.

This is through the design and manufacture of automatic traps that humanely kill pest animals and then reset themselves. The traps are humane and toxin free and have been designed to save you time and effort. Operating them is a breeze – you don’t even have to get your hands dirty. We can halt biodiversity decline by eradicating the pests that eat our native species; it’s that simple.

Pest free havens in national parks to homes around the world are now a reality thanks to the A24 self-resetting multi-species kill trap targeting rats and stoats. It is small, easy to install and delivers a powerful impact that kills pests instantly every time.

Attracted in by a long-life lure for either rats or stoats, once triggered the killed pests fall from the trap which immediately resets itself at least 24 times per CO2 canister meaning more bang for your buck.

Developed and tested in harsh outdoor environments the A24 is just as happy in your backyard or attic as it is in the bush meaning everyone can do effective pest control.

Approved in England for Rat and Stoat control. Approval for squirrel control and use in Scotland and Wales is pending.

– Patented self-resetting technology
– Easy to install and maintain
– Contains no toxins
– Long-life lures for rats or stoats
– Targeted and humane (A-Class rats and stoats)
– Multi-award winning design
– New Zealand designed and made


– A24 Trap with Counter: £126.00
– CO2 Cartridge: £3.90
– Lure Replacement: £5.60

Please note: the A24 Trap must only be used with Goodnature gas canisters because they have a silicon based sealant and other canisters will damage the product.

Please contact David Hunt via email for further information: [email protected]