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CPSA World English Sporting & Sportrap 2021

The CPSA World English Sporting & Sportrap Championships will take place on 5th – 11th July 2021 at E.J. Churchill Shooting Ground! It will include two World championships, one each for the disciplines of English Sporting and Sportrap. There will also be CPSA-Registered FITASC Open competition and a Preliminary English Sporting competition.

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The Events:

The World English Sporting

A 200-target shoot shot over two days (either 6-7 July, 8-9 July, 10-11 July). There will be a 25-target Super Final, where the top six shooters (shoot-offs in case of ties) will compete for the title.

The World Sportrap

A 100-target competition shot from 5-10 July, with shoot-offs and prize giving taking place on Saturday, 10 July. 

 The FITASC Sporting Open

A 100-target shoot (Old System) shot from 5-8 July, with shoot-offs and prize giving taking place on Thursday, 8 July.

The Preliminary English Sporting

A 100-target shoot available to shoot from 5-9 July, with shoot-offs taking place on Friday, 9 July. This event is squadded going out at 9 minute intervals. Though called ‘Preliminary’ this event is not required to qualify for the World English Sporting Championship.