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CPSA Registered Sporting

Thank you to everyone who has entered our CPSA registered shoots. We have seen a fantastic turnout at every shoot and we hope you are all enjoying shooting with us!

The CPSA course is held on the first Thursday of every month and it is a 100 English Sporting registered over 10 or 12 manned stands. Prize Money will be given to High Gun at £100 and each Winner in Class in AA, A, B and C (prize money depending upon entries per class). We aim to publish the results within 24 hours of the end of each competition.

Competition entries cost £42 and birds only at £37

Winter Hours (October to March): 9.00am – 2.00pm (last card out) 

April: 9.00am – 4.00pm (last card out)

Summer Hours (May to September): 10.00am – 5.00pm (last card out)

There is no need to book you can just turn up as per the hours above, you will however need to provide your valid shotgun license. 

NOTE: Hats, glasses and hearing protection are compulsory at all times for competitors and spectators while on the shooting ground. For CPSA registered competitions only we allow you to shoot plastic wad cartridges.

Dates for 2020

Thursday 2nd January: Scores | Medals
Thursday 6th February: Scores | Medals

Thursday 5th March: Scores | Medals
Thursday 2nd April:
Thursday 7th May:
Thursday 4th June:

For any enquiries please contact reception on 01494 883227 or email reception@ejchurchill.com

Dates for 2019

Thursday 3rd January: Scores | Medals
Thursday 7th February: Scores | Medals
Thursday 23rd February – Premiere League Sporting & Sportrap: Scores
Thursday 7th March: Scores | Medals
Thursday 4th April: Scores | Medals
Thursday 2nd May: Scores | Medals
Thursday 6th June: Scores | Medals
Thursday 4th July: Scores | Medals
Thursday 1st August: Scores | Medals
Thursday 5th September: Scores | Medals
Thursday 3rd October: Scores | Medals
Thursday 7th November: Scores | Medals
Thursday 12th December: Scores | Medals

Dates for 2018+

4th January Results: Scores | Medals
20th January Results: Scores | Medals
1st February Results: Scores | Medals  
24th February – Premier League Results: Scores | Medals
7th March Results: Scores | Medals
5th April: Scores | Medals
3rd May: Scores | Medals
7th June: Scores | Medals 
5th July: Scores | Medals
2nd August: Scores | Medals 
6th September – Bucks Championship: Scores | Medals
4th October: Scores | Medals
1st November: Scores | Medals
13th December: Scores | Medals

Dates for 2017+

5th January Results: Scores | Medals
2nd February Results: Scores | Medals
2nd March Results: Scores | Medals
6th April Results : Scores | Medals
8th April – Premier League Results : Scores | Medals
4th May Results : Scores | Medals
1st June Results : Scores | Medals
6th July Results : Scores | Medals
3rd August Results : Scores | Medals
7th September : Scores | Medals
5th October : Scores | Medals
2nd November : Scores | Medals
14th December : Scores | Medal