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Churchill Challenge Rules 2020

It is 100 bird clay pigeon shooting competition shot over 9 stands, incorporating a 20-bird sequence.

The competition runs from Monday 6th January – Tuesday 31st March 2020.

The entry fee is £42 per person with a re entry fee of £39 per person.

Cartridges must be no more than 28g 6 with NO wad restrictions.

Entries must be pre-booked.

The five top scoring entries from each class will be invited to a finals day.

The finals day takes place on Friday 3rd April 2020.

If a finalist is unable to attend the finals day, they forfeit their position and the next highest scoring individual will be offered the place.

The categories and prizes are as follows:

Non CPSA members will be classified for the purpose of this competition only. Their classification will be calculated from the individuals score over 50 pre-determined target and their scores will be included within the classifications list.

If a non CPSA member shoots the competition more than three times their classification will be determined from their average score over their first three shoots.

A junior is classified as a person under the age of 16 years of age on the day of entry.

A veteran is classified as a person over 65 years of age on the day of entry.

Unlimited entries are allowed per person, the highest score counts.

If a person is eligible to enter more than one category, that person must choose which category they are entering in at point of purchase, prior to shooting.

A finalist can only shoot in one category on finals day.

In the event a person is within the top five high scores in more than one category, they must decide which category they wish to shoot in for finals day. Once their decision has been made the place will be offered to the next highest scoring entrant from that category.

Only one prize per person will be awarded.

No alternative prizes will be offered.

In the event of a tie, count back will be used to determine who qualifies for the finals day.

In the event of a tie-on finals day, a shoot off will be used to determine the winner.

If a competitor wishes to appeal against the decision of a referee, they may do so to the shoot jury: Mr Rob Fenwick, Mr Julian Copeman, Mr Adam Davies and Mr Sean Bramley. There is a £50 charge for each appeal which will be refunded should the referee’s decision be overturned.

Results will be published at least once a week during the competition.