Bucks - 01494 883227 Swinton - 01765 357997
Bucks - 01494 883227 Swinton - 01765 357997

The Churchill Challenge 2022

The Winners For The Churchill Challenge 2022 are as follows:

Please note, due to a number of ties, winners have been determined using count back.

AA Class

1st – Phil Easeman (With a score of 97)

2nd – Ben Husthwaite (With a score of 97)

3rd – Sam Green (With a score of 97)

4th – Matt Hance (With a score of 96)

5th –  Martin Myers (With a score of 95)

A Class

1st – Lee Fisher (With a score of 94)

2nd – Luigi Greco (With a score of 90)

3rd – Todd Bridge (With a score of 90)

4th – Dave Currell (With a score of 88)

5th – Ricky McArthur (With a score of 88)

B Class

1st – Alfie Hannah (With a score of 91)

2nd – Nick Brace (With a score of 90)

3rd – Richard Hoskins (With a score of 86)

4th – Roe Witford (With a score of 86)

5th – Luke Taylor (With a score of 85)

C Class

1st – Kyran Newbury (With a score of 84)

2nd – Stephen Blanchard (With a score of 81)

3rd – Finley Bowles (With a score of 80)

4th – Sam Betts (With a score of 78)

5th – Lee Goldfinch (With a score of 77)


1st – Amy Easeman (With a score of 90)

2nd – Toni Dixon (With a score of 85)

3rd – Megan Gamble (With a score of 84)


1st – Aaron Christie (With a score of 71)

2nd – Lain Blamey (With a score of 66)

3rd – Edward Carey (With a score of 56)


1st – Steve Brightwell (With a score of 97)

2nd – Chris Smith (With a score of 94)

3rd – Martin Reynolds (With a score of 84)


1st – Daniel Panker (With a score of 80)

2nd – Craig Williams (With a score of 77)

3rd – Ray Sheppard (With a score of 73)


1st – Martin Easterman (With a score of 89)

2nd – Piers Carroll (With a score of 88)

3rd – Alan Dolton (With a score of 80)

If you are one of our winners, please email reception to claim your prize!


The Churchill Challenge is over for 2022!

With a £10,000 prize pot it is all to shoot for again this year, we have a £6,000 cash prize fund plus £4,000 worth of amazing prizes to be won.

The 100 Bird Clay Shooting Competition will run from Monday 10th JanuaryThursday 31st March 2022 at our Buckinghamshire ground with the top 3 scores from each class winning a share of the prize!

The scores for 2022 are as follows:

Updated Friday 1st April

AA | A | B | C | Veteran* | Ladies | Junior** | Member | Disabled***

Entry fee is just £45 per person with a re-entry fee of £40 per person.

Cartridges must be no more than 28g 6 with NO wad restrictions.

The first card out is at 9am and last card out is at 2pm.

Click here to see the full list of rules

All entries must be booked in advance via our reception team, so contact them today to book your place on 01494 883227 or email [email protected]

*A veteran is classified as a person over 65 years of age on the day of entry.

**A junior is classified as a person under the age of 16 years of age on the day of entry.

***If you are classified as a disabled shooter by the CPSA, you are eligible to shoot under the disabled category.