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01494 883227

Be Prepared For Grouse

The Grouse season of 2014 was very busy and active for us at E.J. Churchill. Grouse numbers were good early season and continued throughout with some very good bags recorded on high and low ground. Grouse numbers can, for upcoming seasons, be unpredictable at times. There are peaks and lows in their breeding cycles and this is dependant on many factors: the health of the breeding stock, weather conditions and the quality of the moor. The outlook for 2015 so far looks very positive and should be as good, if not better than last season.

To prepare for the upcoming season, be you an experienced Grouse shot or one that may be doing it for the first time, here at E.J. Churchill we can help.

Grouse shooters need that warm-up after perhaps your winter in the coverts. You know it is different and you need to be ‘Grouse fit.’ Some of you reading this may have had a work out on our simulated Grouse layout, and yes it is a workout! You pay a premium for this form of shooting and we believe you should be at your best on the first drive on the first day. We can help you achieve this.

We will also take the novice shooter through the day from start to finish on every aspect of Grouse shooting. From safety, butt safety, etiquette, clothing and even the best mozzy repellent should you require it!! There is a ‘classroom’ session for this and then we are into the butts for real practice. Should you be a first timer or an experienced shot, this is well worth doing.

Previous clients have endorsed this and have said how much more they enjoyed their days on the moor. You will be hooked!

To book a practice session in our Grouse butts, please call 01494 883227.

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