EJ Churchill Hellfire Game Cartridge


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New Hellfire Game Generation II

Hellfire game was originally designed by E.J. Churchill’s Chairman Sir Edward Dashwood more than 20 years ago. It was Sir Edward, looking for the high quality patterns of a plastic wad cartridge but with fibre wad, who found that by copper-coating the shot, the result was just that.

20 years on, we have continued to develop this cartridge using the latest innovations, technologies and Gamebore’s superior expertise in manufacturing cartridges. The Hellfire Game delivers superior patterns and stopping power which is smooth on the shoulder but hard on the bird. This cartridge is now widely recognised and respected across the breadth of the shooting industry, being the cartridge of choice for many of the country’s top game shots and shooting estates.

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12Gamebore Velocity28g7.5Fibre£160
12Gamebore Velocity28g7.5Plastic£150
Game12Hellfire Game Papercase28g6cuFibre£377
12Hellfire Game28g6cuFibre£351
12Hellfire Game30g6cuFibre£382
12Hellfire Game30g5cuFibre£382
12Hellfire Game32g5cuFibre£416
12Hellfire Game32g4cuFibre£416
12Hellfire Game34g4cuFibre£461
16Hellfire Game28g6cuFibre£375
20Hellfire Game28g6cuFibre£340
20Hellfire Game30g5cuFibre£386
28Hellfire Game25g6cuFibre£432
28Hellfire Game27g5cuWool£502

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