E.J.Churchill Game and Clay Cartridges



E.J.Churchill Hellfire CartridgesHellfire was originally developed by our Chairman, Sir Edward Dashwood, who wanted a fibre wad cartridge that would give him the same patterns as a plastic wad and this option wasn’t available at the time. He developed the Hellfire range which is loaded with copper coated shot. This reduces friction as the shot travels down the barrel producing fewer flyers and ultimately a more consistent pattern to achieve a cleaner kill. Now some years on it has become the chosen cartridge of many top shooting estates and game shots. Available in 12, 16, 20 and 28 bore. 12 Bore 28g 6cu, 30g 6cu, 30g 5cu, 32g 5cu and 32g 4cu 16 Bore 28g 6cu 20 Bore 28g 6cu and 30g 5cu 28 Bore 24g 6cu


E.J.Churchill Griffin Cartridge   The Griffin was created as a result of shooters wanting all the attributes of the hellfire load but in a paper case making this cartridge the perfect choice for older lightweight game guns and those wanting a traditional paper cased load with something extra. Available in 12 bore 28g 6cu.


Red Grouse

E.J.Churchill Red Grouse CartridgeThe Red Grouse is our early season grouse load with its moderate recoil and high pattern density. It is the perfect cartridge for those early season birds and has also proved to be a cracking partridge load. Available in 12 bore 29.5g 6.5.


E.J.Churchill Premiere CartridgesThe Premiere is our non copper coated high performance game load using the latest high quality components and loaded into a low brass case to reduce those ejection problems. Available in 12, 16 and 20 bore. 12 Bore 28g 6, 30g 6, 32g 6 and 32g 5 20 Bore 25g 6


Bespoke Cartridges

Hunter Bespoke CartridgesWe also provide a bespoke cartridges service so you can use own branded cartridges made to any specification and design. Contact us for more details on 01494 883227.





E.J. Churchill Cartridge Price List

12E.J. Churchill Prodigy 67mm21g8Fibre£5.54£51.10£98.00£187.60
12E.J. Churchill Hellfire 70mm28g7.5Fibre£7.24£66.82£128.20£245.00
12E.J. Churchill Hellfire 70mm28g7.5Plastic£6.95£64.10£122.84£235.20
12Gamebore Velocity 70mm28g7.5Fibre£4.96£45.72£87.60£167.60
20E.J. Churchill Prodigy 67mm21g8Fibre£6.40£59.00£113.20£216.40
20Eley C.T. Twenty 70mm24g8Fibre£6.28£57.96£111.09£212.52
12E.J. Churchill Hellfire 67mm28g6cuFibre£9.24£88.90£171.20£328.40
12E.J. Churchill Hellfire 67mm30g5/6cuFibre£10.57£101.80£195.80£376.00
12E.J. Churchill Hellfire 67mm32g4/5cuFibre£11.54£111.15£213.80£410.40
12E.J. Churchill Griffin Papercase 67mm28g6cuFibre£10.45£100.70£193.40£371.60
16E.J. Churchill Hellfire 67mm28g6cuFibre£10.33£99.50£191.25£367.20
20E.J. Churchill Hellfire 70mm28g6cuFibre£9.28£89.30£171.80£329.60
20E.J. Churchill Hellfire 70mm30g5cuFibre£11.30£108.81£209.25£401.76
28E.J. Churchill Hellfire 70mm24g6cuFibre£12.28£118.20£227.20£436.40
12E.J. Churchill Premiere 67mm28g6Fibre£7.42£71.40£137.20£263.60
12 E.J. Churchill Premiere 67mm30g6Fibre£8.39£80.80£155.20£298.00
12E.J. Churchill Premiere 67mm32g5Fibre£8.99£86.60£166.60£319.68
12E.J. Churchill Premiere 67mm32g6Fibre£8.99£86.60£166.60£319.68
12E.J. Churchill Red Grouse 67mm29g6.5Fibre£7.86£75.70£145.50£279.20
20E.J. Churchill Premiere25g6Fibre£7.98£76.83£147.80£283.68