Pheasant Shooting

The pheasant is often seen as the cornerstone of British shooting even though the bird was actually introduced by the Romans. The pheasant has come to be regarded as an indigenous bird species in both the UK and Eastern Europe. There are many who believe that a high curling pheasant is one of the most difficult birds to shoot giving the true sportsman the ultimate challenge.

In more recent years, there has been a trend towards shooting higher and higher pheasants; with many estates now offering so called extreme birds. However, we should not loose sight of the fact that traditional English pheasants were always presented in a lowland, parkland environment. Many of the UK’s more famous estates were originally designed in order to show driven pheasants.

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Pheasant and Mixed Bag Availability

Price + VAT
OctoberWarwickshire/Worcestershire300 Mixed£1,100/GunFull Team/Single Guns
Octoberx 2 daysNorthumberland150 Mixed£695/Gun/DaySingle Guns
October13thNorth Yorkshire400/500 Mixed£16,000/£20,000/DayFull Team
November4thSussex400 Mixed£18,000/DayFull Team
November17thBuckinghamshire400 Mixed£1,960/GunSingle Guns
NovemberNorthamptonshire300 Mixed£1,270/GunFull Team/Single Guns
NovemberWarwickshire/Worcestershire300 Mixed£1,100/GunFull Team/Single Guns
November21stBuckinghamshire300 Mixed£13,200/DayFull Team
Novemberx 2 daysDevon150 Mixed£650/Gun/DayFull Team/Single Guns
Novemberx 2 daysNorthumberland120 MIxed£575/Gun/DaySingle Guns
Decemberx 2 daysNorthumberland120 Mixed£575/Gun/DaySingle Guns
DecemberCotswolds300 Pheasants£1,485/GunFull Team
DecemberDurham750 Pheasants£3.860/GunSingle GunsIncluding Accommodation
DecemberBuckinghamshire300 Mixed£1,470/GunFull Team/Single Guns
December5th & 6thNorthumberland400 Mixed£2,650/Gun/DaySingle GunsIncluding Accommodation
DecemberCotswolds500 Pheasants£2,470/GunFull Team
December12thBuckinghamshire400 Mixed£17,600/DayFull Team
Decemberx 2 daysDevon400 Mixed£2,250/Gun/DaySingle Guns
January 20155th - Novice DayBuckinghamshireMixed£850/GunSingle Guns
January 201513thBuckinghamshire300 Mixed£1,475/GunSingle Guns
January 201519thBuckinghamshire250 Mixed£1,225/GunSingle Guns
January 2015x 2 daysNorthumberland80-100 Mixed£450/Gun/DaySingle Guns