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Partridge Shooting

English or Grey Partridge

A medium-sized, gamebird with a distinctive orange face and chestnut tail. Flies with whirring wings and is famous for its fast agile flying. It is traditionally presented over hedges in order to hide the guns from the advancing birds, the birds then “star burst” over the hedge as they catch sight of the gun line presenting the guns with fast exhilarating shooting. It usually flies in groups of 6-15 known as coveys are most usually seen outside the breeding season.

Red-legged or French Partridge

Larger than the grey partridge, it has a large white chin and throat patch, bordered with black. It has a greyish body with bold black flank stripes, and a chestnut-sided tail. It is an introduced species, brought to the UK from continental Europe, where it is largely found in France and Spain.
In contrast to the English or Grey partridge this bird is easier to rear and can be presented in a very similar fashion to Pheasants with many shoots using the topography of the ground to present higher and higher birds.

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