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DateEstateBagPrice/day + VAT
Monday 15th & Tuesday 16thYorkshire Dales400 Brace Grouse Over 2 Days£32,000 Fixed Price
Friday 19th & Saturday 20thYorkshire Dales375 Brace Grouse Over 2 Days£30,000 Fixed Price
Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25thYorkshire Dales300 Grouse Over 2 Days£24,000 Fixed Price
Thursday 25th & Friday 26thYorkshire Dales200 Brace Over 2 Days£15,500
Wednesday 31st & Thursday 1st SeptemberYorkshire Dales300 Grouse Over 2 Days£24,000 Fixed Price
Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8thYorkshire Dales250 Grouse Over 2 Days£20,000 Fixed Price
Monday 12thNorth Yorkshire400 Partridge£2,100/Gun
Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15thYorkshire Dales250 Grouse Over 2 DaysFixed Price
Grouse availability on request.Grouse availability on request.Grouse availability on request.Grouse availability on request.
Friday 7thExmoor300 Mixed£13,500 No VAT
Tuesday 11thExmoor300 Mixed£13,500 No VAT
Monday 17thNorth Yorkshire400 Mixed£2,100/Gun
Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th North Yorkshire400 Mixed£1,960/Gun
Mondau 17th & Tuesday 18thNorth Yorkshire400 Mixed£17,600
Wednesday 19thExmoor300 Mixed£13,500 No VAT
Friday 21stExmoor300 Mixed£13,500 No VAT
Friday 28thExmoor300 Mixed£13,500 No VAT
Tuesday 1st Exmoor300 Mixed£13,500 No VAT
Friday 4thExmoor300 Mixed£13,500 No VAT
Wednesday 16thExmoor300 Mixed£13,500 No VAT
Thursday 17thNorth Yorkshire400 Mixed£2,100/Gun
Tuesday 29thExmoor300 Mixed£13,500 No VAT
Friday 2ndExmoor300 Mixed£13,500 No VAT
Tuesday 6thExmoor300 Mixed£13,500 No VAT
Monday 12thNorth Yorkshire400 Mixed£2,100/Gun
Friday 16thExmoor300 Mixed£13,500 No VAT
Tuesday 20th Exmoor300 Mixed £13,500 No VAT
January 2017
Wednesday 4thExmoor150 Mixed£6,750 No VAT
Friday 6thExmoor150 Mixed£6,750 No VAT
Tuesday 10thExmoor150 Mixed£6,750 No VAT
Friday 13thExmoor150 Mixed£6,750 No VAT
Monday 16thNorth Yorkshire400 Mixed£2,100/Gun

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 UK Overseas Full Team Single Gun

As one of the largest Sporting Agencies in the U.K. our extensive knowledge of sporting estates ensures that we are able to provide exceptional sport both within the UK and Worldwide. From driven Grouse in Scotland, doves in Argentina, walked-up Ptarmigan in Iceland to driven wild boar in Turkey; E.J.Churchill is able to tailor an individual package to suit you.

Our main office is based within the prestigious West Wycombe Estate in Buckinghamshire. The Agency is dedicated to providing a professional and personal service to all of our clients on an individual basis. Our team are recognised as being amongst the Country’s top shots and their experience and contacts within the shooting world are unrivalled. This allows us to offer you sport on some of the most exclusive Estates and Grouse Moors.

We are unique in having a Sporting Agency, Shooting Ground, Country Clothing Store and Gunmakers all within the E.J.Churchill Group. This allows us to assist with all of our customer’s requests, from total novices to serious game shooters. We can meet all of your requirements be it for instruction, guns, equipment, clothing and even transport E.J.Churchill Group has it all.

We are also the UK’s leading agency in providing shooting for individual guns and small groups who want to enjoy a day’s shooting but don’t have a full team. We have days available for full teams on over 100 shoots across the breadth of the UK. Please contact Ed Walters on 01494 883227 for further details.

For more information or to be added to our mailing list please contact the Sporting team.


Be prepared for driven game – get some practice in before you go >>

What to wear on your first game day

E.J.Churchill Cartridges

We have developed a range of game shooting cartridges that can be ordered ready for your game day. Click here to see the full range and contact us on 01494 883227 to place your order.