The following is a list of clay pigeon shooting competition dates and the shooting ground events diary. For further information please call us on 01494 883227 or email

January-AprilFriday 8th January - Saturday 2nd April The Churchill Challenge
FebruaryThursday 4th 9am - 2pmCPSA Registered Shoot
Friday 5thRoving Simulated Game Day
Tuesday 16thYoung Guns Academy
Monday 29thRoving Simulated Game Day
MarchThursday 3rd 9am - 2pmCPSA Registered Shoot
Friday 4thRoving Simulated Game Day
Saturday 12thRoving Simulated Game Day
Thursday 17thRoving Simulated Game Day
Saturday 19thRoving Simulated Game Day
Sunday 20thCPSA Premier League
AprilThursday 7th 9am - 2pmCPSA Registered Shoot
Wednesday 13thThe Home Nations Shoot with Chris Robshaw
MayThursday 5thCPSA Registered Shoot
Thursday 12thThe Eve Appeal Charity Clay Shoot
JuneThursday 2nd 12pm - 6pmCPSA Registered Shoot
Monday 20th - Sunday 26thCPSA World English Sporting Championship
JulyThursday 7th 12pm - 6pmCPSA Registered Shoot
AugustThursday 4th 12pm - 6pmCPSA Registered Shoot
Wednesday 24th - Saturday 27thWorld Championship of Compak Sporting
SeptemberThursday 1st 9am - 2pmCPSA Registered Shoot
OctoberThursday 6th 9am - 2pmCPSA Registered Shoot
NovemberThursday 3rd 9am - 2pmCPSA Registered Shoot
DecemberThursday 1st 9am - 2pmCPSA Registered Shoot