The Churchill Challenge

We are delighted to announce the return of the Churchill Challenge in 2016!

Our popular 100 English Sporting competition started on Friday 8th January 2016 and will run until Saturday 2nd April 2016.

Every entry into the competition will automatically enter you into a prize draw to win a 12 bore over and under shotgun!

A cash prize of £400 will be awarded to the High Gun, and cash prizes will also be awarded to the High Gun Runner Up and 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in AA, A, B & C and High Gun Lady and Junior categories.

Entry costs £42. Bookings must be made in advance – please call 01494 883227 or email

You can enter as many times as you like throughout the competition and each entry gives you a chance to win the shotgun!

The course is shooting well so far and shooters are loving the layouts. See below some of the feedback we’ve received so far!

“A challenging but completely shootable layout – I’ll be back again to nudge up my score!”

“First class shooting ground and facilities. Friendly atmosphere, great targets and events. Love the Churchill Challenge!”



Jon KendallAA96
Kirk BridgesAA93
Cheryl HallAA93
Cheryl HallAA93
Michael HibbertAA91
Cheryl HallAA91
Cheryl HallAA90
Alex CobbAA89
Ben McIlwaineAA89
Huw StephensAA88
Mark StevensonAA88
Mark StevensonAA88
Lee NewmanAA87
David CurrellA87
Gwyn PresleyC86
Ben McIlwaineAA86
Steve LovattAA86
J. TurnerA86
Gary DavisAA86
Cheryl HallAA86
Josh BranA86
Will HewlandAA85
Gary DavisAA85
Cheryl HallAA85
Matt PeddleB85
Ben McIlwaineAA84
Mark StevensonAA84
Cedric BedetA84
Devlin SullivanAA83
Ludo AntonyAA83
Steve LovattAA83
Steve LovattAA83
Phil DyerA83
A. JohnsonAA83
Glen PresleyAA82
Matt ScottC82
Robert PatchB82
Huw StephensAA82
Ian GanderB82
Will HewlandAA81
Ellias Chari81
Argun Ismet79
A. ChristodoulouA79
Steve LovattAA79
Mark Fletcher79
Ben McIlwaineAA78
Nick PortlockAA78
Oliver WyattA78
Steve Scott-SmithAA78
Oliver WyattA78
P. FinneyA77
John SpaffordB76
Graham FergusonAA75
Michael DayB74
Paul FinneyA73
Phil KeatleyAA73
John SpaffordB73
Gordon Stacey72
Gordon Stacey72
Helen McKenna72
Dave ThomasAA71
Jane BennettB71
James McAleveyA71
Dan VallisB71
Michael Smith71
Steve BoweB70
Jim Morgan70
Steve ThomasA70
Eddie ClarkB69
R. DawsonC68
Nicola HeronC68
Michael DayB68
Trevor SurridgeB68
Nicola Heron68
Carl WardB68
Pete HoughtonB68
Phil KennardC67
Tim EvansB67
Tony Grey67
Helen Mckenna67
Alan RobinsonB67
Helen McKennaB66
Phil KennardC66
John QuartermainC65
Caroline MarshallA65
Simon (Matt Jones)65
Carl WardB64
Helen McKenna64
Kyran NewburyC62
Trevor SmithB62
Michael DayB61
Matt SuddsB61
Steve ThomasA61
Helen McKenna61
Nicola Heron60
John SpaffordB59
Lorrayne HarrisB59
Paul Day59
Andy JacksonC59
Steven DayC58
Steve LawesB58
Pete HoughtonB58
Colin ReeveC57
Jack McInerney56
Kyran NewberyC55
Steve BoweB55
Joe TuckeyC55
Alan PerrettB55
Christine RobinsonB55
Stephen Todd54
Stephen Todd54
Mark JohnsonB53
Amanda FosterC53
Ian Kinghorn52
Caroline TaylorC51
Ron Dixon49
Nick AdamsC49
Steve Nicholls45
Jonathan Wharfe45
Matt Jones45
Can BitirimC43
Amnon Needham37
James Keen36
Roger KentA34
Gergana PresleyC33

Churchill Challenge Rules 2016