The Churchill Challenge

The 2014 Churchill Challenge has now concluded for 2014. Winners are listed below! Thank you to everyone who took part and we look forward to welcoming you to E.J.Churchill again soon.

If you are looking for another competition to enter, don’t forget we are hosting the World English Sporting Championship here from 28th April to 4th May 2014. There are still spaces available in the Prelim, FITASC, World Sportrap, and World English Sporting Championship but these are filling up fast. Enter now to avoid disappointment.



Throughout the competition we ran a  prize draw giving every person that had entered the chance to win 250 of our Hellfire Clay cartridges. These cartridges are new to market, developed by our Chief Instructor Mark Marshall and Gamebore. They are a high performance cartridge with low recoil and designed with competition in mind. They are available in 12 bore 7.5 in both plastic and fibre wad.

1st winner: Keith Tarren
2nd winner: Suzi Curtis
3rd winner: Matthew Scott
4th winner: Devlin Sullivan

High Gun: £300

Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in all classes (AA, A, B, C) at a value of £100, £75 and £50 respectively.
Category winners (ladies and juniors) will receive a year’s membership at E.J.Churchill Shooting Ground

The Churchill Challenge – Results

High GunOverall winner£30098Richard Bunning
1st£10097Chris Childerhouse
2nd£7595Mark Winser
3rd£5093Robert Clarke & Carl Bloxham
1st£10090Wayne Martin
2nd£7588Will Hewland
3rd£5087Huw Stephen
1st£10085Ben Mcilwaine
2nd£7584James Bishop
3rd£5083Dave Swallow
1st£10083Joe Clarke
2nd£7579Gary Short
3rd£5076Alan Dalton
1st1 Year Membership74Suzi Curtis
2nd71Jennie Cartwright
3rd60Caroline Taylor


Full Results

Richard BunningAA Class98
Chris ChilderhouseAA Class97
Mark WinserAA Class95
Mark WinserAA Class95
Carl BloxhamAA Class93
Robert ClarkeAA Class93
Alex CobbAA Class92
Alex CobbAA Class92
Karl FieldAA Class92
Mark GoddardAA CLass92
JohnA Class90
Ludo AnthonyAA Class90
Tony MannellAA Class90
Wayne MartinA Class90
Wayne MartinA Class90
Rob RookerAA Class89
Gary DavisAA Class89
Paul GillettAA Class89
Peter HurstAA Class89
Richard BunningAA Class89
Ludo AnthonyAA Class88
Nick HollickAA Class88
PeteA Class88
TonyA Class88
Will HewlandA Class88
Will HewlandA Class88
Huw StephensA Class87
JohnathanA Class87
P. MarksA Class87
Paul GillettAA Class87
Hori Bonea87
EricAA Class86
P. FranklinA Class86
Roger KeightleyA Class86
Martin KeatleyA Class86
Tony HoskinsA Class86
Ben McIlwaineB Class85
Steve Scott-SmithAA Class85
Will HewlandA Class85
Eddie ThomasA Class84
Huw StephensA Class84
James BishopB Class84
Roly VinciniAA Class84
David CurrellA Class84
David PuttC Class84
Michael HibbertA Class83
Dave SwallowB Class83
Joe ClarkC Class83
Fred Townsend83
Huw StephensA Class83
Ludo AnthonyAA Class83
Robert ClarkeAA Class83
Ben McilwaineB Class82
JulianA Class82
Ricky DraperAA Class82
Steve WhitelockAA Class82
Tim FieldB Class82
Ben McIlwaineB Class82
Ben McilwaineB Class82
Gary DavisAA Class81
J. BunesB Class81
JohnathanA Class81
Will HewlandA Class81
HoriA Class80
Ben McilwaineB Class80
Phil KeatleyA Class80
Mark WebsterB Class79
Martin KeatleyA Class79
Gary ShortC Class79
Mike JenningsB Class78
Ricky DraperA Class78
BenB Class77
C. GorsuckB Class77
Jason McleanB Class77
Peter BrownB Class77
Bearnie TaylorA Class77
Adrian SmithB Class77
Jamie GutteridgeA Class76
Sam KingA Class76
Richard SheppardB Class76
Norbert Horvaith76
Alan DaltonC Class76
NorbertB Class75
Roger KeightleyA Class75
Yiannis KoilakosA Class75
Nick TruterA Class75
Colin ReeveC Class74
Dave WalkerAA Class74
Keith TarrenAA Class74
Suzi CurtisLady C Class74
Dave MundayB Class74
John BienaB Class73
Joshua BridgesA Class73
Martin ChapmanAA Class73
Steve ThomasB Class73
Chris DennisA Class72
Huw StephensA Class72
Matt ScottC Class72
Steve LawesC Class72
Steve ThomasB Class72
Chris HoltB Class72
Graham AdamsC Class71
Alan PerrittC Class71
Gary ShortC Class71
Chris WilkinsC Class71
Jamie PassantB Class71
Jennie CartwrightC Class71
Steve ThomasB Class71
Yiannis KoilakosA Class71
Michael TapsfieldB Class71
Tom GreenC Class71
Phil KeatleyA Class71
Dave SwallowB Class70
Peter WarrenB Class70
Devlin SullivanB Class70
Glen PresleyB Class70
Les TaylorB Class70
Mike SmithC Class70
Andre KukhninA Class69
David RollafsonC Class69
Mike JenningsB Class69
Nick LowmanA Class69
Ricky DavisB Class69
Chris HoltB Class69
A. SmithB Class68
Sam ElshafeyB Class67
Peter WarrenB Class67
Colin ReeveC Class67
David MittonA Class67
James MurrayC Class67
Peter DoverC Class66
David RollafsonC Class66
Gwyn PresleyB Class66
Matthew ScottC Class66
Michael PermanC Class66
Michael SmithC Class66
NeiloC Class66
Steve LawesC Class66
Simon Weeks66
Alan PerritC Class65
Chris WilkinsC Class65
Darren MurrayB Class65
Dave SwallowB Class65
David MittonA Class65
Kevin GrayB Class65
Matthew ScottC Class65
Alan PerrittC Class64
Craig ColtonC Class64
John ChisholmC Class64
Michael PermanC Class64
Sam ElshafeyB Class64
Simon Page-RichieC Class64
SteveC Class64
Tony Smith64
Alan PerrittC Class63
Christopher HC Class63
Keith YeatesB Class63
Michael PermanC Class63
Steve WallC Class63
Sean KempC Class62
Colin ReeveC Class62
Jane BickleB Class62
Michael SmithC Class62
Nigel TatlowC Class62
Nigel TatlowC Class62
Roy Dyron62
Andrew O'ConnellC Class61
J. BakerB Class61
Michael PermanC Class61
Scott TearallC Class61
Stephen ToddC Class61
Darren MurrayB Class60
K. GorsuckC Class60
Matthew ScottC Class60
Matthew ScottC Class60
Ian Gander60
Caroline TaylorLady C Class59
Caroline TaylorLady C Class59
John RoyalC Class59
Neil BlayneyC Class59
Steve LawesC Class59
Steven ToddC Class59
Caroline TaylorLady C Class58
George MarshC Class58
Alan DoltonC Class58
James DedmanC Class58
Jim MorganC Class58
JohnA Class58
Matthew SuddsB Class58
Michael HolmesC Class58
Eric HubrardB Class57
Anthony SmithC Class57
Greg TaskerC Class57
John RoyalC Class57
Anthony KenningC Class56
Chris WilkinsC Class56
HelenaLady C Class56
Matthew ScottC Class56
Mike SmithC Class56
Stephen ToddC Class56
Michael PermanC Class56
David RollafsonC Class55
Stephen HoltC Class55
Ian KingC Class55
Ian MooreC Class55
Craig ColtonC Class54
Matt ScottC Class54
Neil BlayneyC Class54
Andy ThurgoodC Class53
Callum LockieC Class53
Steve LawesC Class53
Salim LabakiC Class53
Sionhan HewlandC Class53
Trevor HuntC Class53
Chris ShepardC Class52
GeoffC Class52
GeoffC Class52
Sian HoskinsLady C Class52
SteveC Class51
Andrew ThomsonC Class51
Daren PonoC Class51
JohnC Class51
Josh BrownC Class51
R. HoadB Class51
Scott TearallC Class51
Deardre CollandLady C Class50
Chris WilkinsC Class50
George QuigleyC Class50
Kathy CC Class49
Mark JohnsonC Class49
Matthew ScottC Class49
Neil BlayneyC Class49
Robin FletcherC Class49
Victoria BundyLady C Class48
Andrew ThomsonC Class48
Robert DawsonC Class47
Stephen HoltC Class46
Chris WilkinsC Class46
DavidC Class46
Robin FletcherC Class46
Neil BlayneyC Class46
Graham FrostC Class45
DavidC Class45
Nick BattC Class45
Michael KellyC Class44
Mike KellyC Class44
Norman GibbsB Class44
John RoyalC Class43
VikaC Class42
David BundyC Class41
Douglas FootC Class41
GazzyC Class41
Andrew FennellC Class40
David BuffhamC Class40
Simon VergettC Class40
Zara DinfordC Class40
MikeC Class40
MikeC Class40
Adam GardnerC Class39
Izzi HarteC Class37
Rory AddisonC Class37
Amnon NeedhamC Class36
Rodger CoyC Class36
Victoria BundyLady C Class36
Jo ScottC Class36
Jack HubbardC Class35
Mick FackrellC Class34
Andrew O'ConnellC Class34
Salim LabakiC Class34
Henry LuntC Class33
Ben ExcellC Class32
Aileen HoughtonLady C Class31
Robin BalenC Class31
Tony BracciC Class29
Clive Wood28
John DukanC Class28
DanC Class27
Douglas HayterC Class27
Navin SeneviranteC Class25
Aileen HoughtonLady C Class24
Ed SlickC Class24
George BridgemanC Class24
Rodger LawsonC Class19
Neil GammonC Class18
Jo ScottC Class17
Stephanie LynchC Class16

Churchill Challenge Rules 2014